Tuesday, March 6, 2012

SW-BOX Plans Big Surprize for Customers at iPad 3 Release Day

Do not deny that you are not waiting for tomorrow? We all know that gonna be a big event- the iPad 3 release event(Ok, maybe we should use iPad 2 next generation). We are expecting a long time for the new iPad generation. Rumors are still spreading and finally comes to an end. Well, SW-BOX.com, the leading Chinese iPhone iPad accessory supplier will also launch a big promotion for that day. It was said it's never tried before. What comes to your first mind, your customers?

Monday, October 10, 2011

Steve Jobs Version iPhone 4 Cases-for Memory

All the world get in deep sadness of the loss of Steve JobsNot only American President as well as high-tech company giant CEO has showed their respect, people in China are also aware of it and soon join this group to pay tribute.

Baidu, Chinese top 1 search engine company, reveals a report that "乔布斯"(Jobs in Chinese language) has become one of the most rising searching word. And on Weibo.com(Chinese twitter ), posts in memory of Mr.Jobs get most transmitted. In Chinese Forums, lots of Chinese netizen are talking about the issue and show their respect. One Chines poll of what your first respond is when heared steve Jobs' death, it shows most people feel shocking, sad and can not accept it.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

iPhone 4S Siri Videos and Speculations

Although it's disappointing that Apple doesn't announce the release of iPhone 5, the iPhone 4S will still boost with the Siri function, which works like your personal assistant. It doesn't like a traditional assistant. It is very clever. It can tell you time, weather and the resturaunts location or other local services once you ask her. It can be also work as a reminder, send messages, pick calls and things like that. iPhone 4S Sprint is just available. And we can get a first look on how it works.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Steve Jobs Left us Forever, Inspire us Forever

I was on Chinese National Day vacation when I heard that Steve Jobs left us forever on Oct 6th. I can't believe it. Although Mr. Jobs's resignation and the picture leaked from hospital shows he has suffered serious illness, I'm still not ready for it.
I never see him before, and I know most of the people who felt sad about the news are the same. I don't check and dig everthing he did as I adores a movie star. I'm pretty sure he has no idea of me, either. But I felt sad and some mixed feelings as I just lost something very important to my life but I don't know what it exactly is.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Amazon "Kindle Fire",iPad and the Crowd Tablet Market

Apple will have their iPhone 5 press conference on Oct 4th, most of technology blog editors are invited. After a year speculation and the iPhone 5 prototype leaked issue, Apple eventually show the last card of the iPhone 5. At the same time, Amazon just announced the first Android based tablet "Kindle Fire" to be released on October, which caught our eyes as we can hardly not compare the Amazon tablet with Apple's iPad.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

First Blackberry Bold 9900 Screen Protectors Series from SW-BOX, How can you ignore Blackberry in such a way

Blackberry bold 9900 screen protectors first look
First Blackberry Bold 9900 Screen Protectors Series from SW-BOX, How can you ignore Blackberry in such a way, Dealers?
Well, it's really hard to find right words to express why you should choose these screen protector and not others. And reason is this is our first series Blackberry Bold 9900 screen protectors, acutally first series for Blackberry 9900. So interested?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Social Network and Brands

People like brands, and people like to share the experience of the products or service they encounter. And social network such as facebook, twitter becomes a perfect channel to gather audience and spread this information. Every company sets up a facebook fan page as their competitors do. And the survey from Insites Stasitics will convince them it's the rightest thing.

Just one day ago, I wrote an article "Some Facts you may not know about Social Network" revealing some basic facts of social networks. And now we will focus on how brands work on social networks.